For jewelry designer Saskia Diez, having good lighting is essential for her work; it sparks creativity and enlivens her, all while making her pieces of jewelry perfectly stand out. In her »story about light«, Saskia Diez shares how much of an important role light plays in her line of work.

»Objects can only shine when they have light – just like our eyes. It is what makes them vibrant and holds something wonderful, something magical.«

Saskia Diez

Nothing works without light

Light is more than just brightness; only through it can rooms and objects even come to life in the first place – just like the twinkling in our eyes.

Installed in the right way, light produces a mood and atmosphere, becoming a sensory experience.

Working – in the right light

Having good lighting while at work promotes not only our sight, but also our creativity. It allows us to be more alert and productive.

And when it can also be individually adjusted to the specific work situation, it is a great help for our tasks.