The light of Occhio is as brilliant as the sunlight. Discover luminaires that turn every seat into a window seat and provide outstanding lighting conditions – at any time of the day.

Discover Sento

Timeless design and unique lighting quality in a holistic system: Sento is modular, rich in variety – and offers maximum freedom of design.

Experience Mito

Mito combines sensual design with highest innovation: The characteristic cut gives Mito its incomparable look. Conduct the light as if by magic in the room – thanks to revolutionary lighting technology.

Get enchanted by io

Magical agility, individual style collections, touchless control – io offers extraordinary detailed solutions and an entirely new experience for interacting with light.

Enjoy Sito – outdoors!

Spherical and sensual, Sito sets high-quality accents in the outdoor area. As a comprehensive system, the luminaire series transports the typical Occhio light and design quality to the outside. For light in perfection – inside out.

Get individual service & advice

You are not sure which luminaire is best for you? In our Occhio stores and at our Occhio partners, the local team will gladly advise you on all of your options.