Two iconic design highlights complement the award-winning Mito series. The masterpiece now sets spectacular statements as a luxurious arc luminaire. Mito largo and Mito raggio take the outstanding design and unique features of the Mito series to a whole new level while setting new standards in interior design.

Strong in character: Mito raggio

The prestigious Mito raggio arc luminaire embodies the design and innovation of the Mito range. With its directional glare-free light, Mito raggio is the perfect reading light for living rooms, bedrooms or lounge areas.

Smart control

Individual adjustment of the light color, ease of use – and the newly available option to set uplight and downlight separately by using the »touch sensor« on the body – make the interaction with light become a true pleasure.

Mito – a spectacular interpretation as luxurious arc luminaires

Mito largo sophistically illuminates round table surfaces in living and lounge areas – glare-free.

Mito largo – almost weightless

Mito largo combines outstanding workmanship and light quality, intuitive control and exceptional features in a gracefully curved design, where the minimalist body recedes behind a weightless, artistically crafted head.

Magic features

Mito largo and Mito raggio can be switched as if by magic on the luminaire head via »touchless control«, dimmed or calibrated via the »fading« function as an uplight or downlight. Additionally, the Occhio air app or the air controller ensure maximum ease of use.

»color tune«

The operation of the color temperature »color tune« responds in a nuanced way to every situation and desired lighting mood: from soft, warm light for relaxed evening hours to stimulating brightness for more concentration.

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