Mito unites exquisite design with the ultimate in innovation. The characteristic cut gives Mito its unparalleled look and revolutionary lighting technology lets you direct the luminaire as if by magic.

Spectacular appearance: Mito sospeso & Mito soffitto

Mito sospeso

As a suspended luminaire above the table or in the room, Mito creates a sensual atmosphere in every environment.

Mito soffitto

As a ceiling or wall luminaire, Mito soffitto enhances any ambiance and provides an aesthetic line of light.

A new way of control

With sophisticated features, Occhio luminaires make interacting with light a fascinating new experience. Control your luminaires intuitively with simple gestures. Or sit back, relax and direct the light in your room – using a smartphone or tablet via Occhio air.

Magic features: Mito starlets

Innovative technology makes Mito so unique and enables completely new ways of interior staging.

color tune

Mito sospeso and Mito soffitto adapt to the mood: You decide which color temperature you want, depending on the situation. From a warm light atmosphere at home to cool work light.

up/down fading

One touch is enough to direct the light of Mito sospeso. Via gesture control or Occhio air, the light can be adjusted continiously from one side to the other - thus creating fascinating possibilities of interior design.


50 - 200cm
Height adjustment

Whether as a cloud floating in the room or over a table: Thanks to unique height adjustment, Mito sospeso can be easily and continiously adjusted.

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