In close cooperation with Occhio as well as other exclusive brands, a showroom concept was developed that stages the products of all partners involved and at the same time inspires visitors.

The whole showroom of the Concept Gallery Frankfurt is illuminated by Più alto 3d spotlights – so all products are presented in just the right light. Lui alto track create a welcoming, pleasant basic lighting in the entrance area.
Download imagery

Download imagery

You need pictures of projects, products, renderings and the like? As a professional, you can easily access the desired motifs via our image portal after registration.

lei sospeso and Sento filo are installed above the tables by Thonet and screens to visually highlight specific parts of the showroom.
io verticale attract the visitor’s eye with their play of light and shadow and bring out even the smallest details of the Senso wall.

Thonet Concept Gallery, Frankfurt

Year of realisation: 2017
Client: Thonet
Lighting design: Occhio store Cologne
Luminaires: Più alto 3d, lei sospeso, Sento filo, lui alto track
Photography: Robert Sprang

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