The new building for the vinotheque, designed by the architectural firm 1zu33, constitutes the new centerpiece of the Hensel Winery located in Bad Dürkheim, Germany. The deliberate interplay between the interior design, light and panoramic view, creates the optimal connection between wine growing and ultimately, the presentation of the final product. Occhio rises to meet the high standards placed on the materials and functionality by providing a fitting lighting concept, thus making the wine’s overall complexity and quality palpable for everyone.

High standards

The superior quality and optical conformity of the materials, combined with the use of subtle colors in the interior design, reflect the winemaker’s high standards regarding the quality and harmony of his products – all of which is achieved without drowning out the pure experience of enjoying the wine.

A visit to Hensel’s vinotheque highlights what can be found in every bottle: The horizontal pavilion draws attention to the vineyards located directly across from it, while the nine-meter wide, full-length glass facade serves as an elegant transition between the interior and exterior.

A play of daylight and artificial light

It is light and vision that create the link between grapevine and wine for the visitor. The window front supplies the room from the south side with a lot of natural light from the surroundings. Daylight is an essential component of the lighting concept. In addition to the large windows at the front, the vinotheque is supplied with daylight from above via atriums at the rear of the building.

In the dark, the Più piano recessed spotlights provide harmonious ambient lighting.
Arranged in the central ceiling panel, Più spotlights create a full array of lighting moods depending on your individual wishes and always offer the prefect light for any occasion and atmosphere. Furthermore, thanks to their puristic design, they fit into the overall arrangement perfectly.

Maximum ease of use

Predefined scenes and Occhio air, a Bluetooth control, provide maximum ease of use. The »high color« LEDs of the Più piano feature CRI 97 and nearly match the level of sunlight, thus ensuring excellent color rendering.

Hensel Winery, Bad Dürkheim

Year realized: 2018
Client: Hensel Winery
Architecture: 1zu33
Luminaires: Più piano