Più R alto

With its integrated VOLT light engine, Più R alto captivates with a revolutionary flat design.

io giro

Pure – minimalist – revolutionary! Thanks to VOLT technology, it can be directly connected to 230V.

lui volto

Innovative LED technology for perfect quality of light

VOLT light engine

Selectable color temperature: 2700K or 3000K
Highest quality of light: »perfect color« LED, color rendering CRI 97
Adjustable power (Piu spotlight system): 32 W (RS) / 26 W / 18 W / 13 W
Long life time: up to 40.000 h
Dimmable: via trailing-edge phase cut dimmer
Replaceable: light engine with plug connector
Efficient: Energy efficiency class EEC/ A+
plug & play: no external power supply unit

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